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Running Hubot on Kubernetes


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rent a car or a hotel room from Kenneth Purcell

[podcast] out to lunch with kenneth purcell

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Facilitating Healthy Eating or Special Diet Restriction Requests At Hotels Can Be Much Simpler

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Limited Service Hotels Have Potential to Offer Room Service Through Tech Integration, Research Shows

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Which lodging brands are leading the pack in personalization?

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A Case For Behavior Driven Development

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New Research Shows Potential for Food Delivery to Replace Room Service

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importance of microburn opportunities from hotel loyalty

Microburn: The Next Trend in Points-Based Loyalty

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Best Practices for API Functionality

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Types of Common API Error Messages

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Managing the Unhappy Path: Best Practices Around Managing Failures in E-commerce Transactions

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[White Paper] Winning the Engagement War: Creating the Hotel of the Future with Ancillaries

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The Future of Room Service Exclusive Research
Travelers' demand for local cuisine is growing. Do dining delivery startups have the opportunity to disrupt traditional room service?